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A hitch that is completely invisible when not in use.

Pretty cool, right? We think so.


We take the art of design seriously.  Every invisihitch is meticulously crafted to enhance your lifestyle without spoiling the appearance of your vehicle.  The invisihitch is the most refined hitch available anywhere.  You have to not see it to believe it.


The invisihitch is the safest hitch on the market.  Every invisihitch exceeds the tow rating of the vehicle for which it is designed.  And our hitches attach to the rear crumple zones of your vehicle, not to the frame rails.  You will have peace of mind knowing that your crumple zones will continue to absorb impacts if necessary after you install our hitch.

How it works

At the center of every invisihitch is our automatic vertical latching mechanism.  This is what allows the entire permanent hitch to stay hidden behind your bumper, with no unsightly cutouts or visible steel beams.