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Does the Invisihitch come with a consumer warranty?

Yes, the best in the business! Your invisihitch hitch receiver, ball mount, bike-rack mount, and all other parts and accessories are guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle, which greatly exceeds the typical 3-5 year warranty. Our products are designed to last and be trouble free, and we stand behind them.

Can my vehicle’s warranty be affected by installing an Invisihitch hitch receiver?

In a word, NO. A hitch may be installed as a factory option, as a dealer-installed accessory, or as a third-party aftermarket accessory. None of these methods of purchasing & installing a hitch will invalidate the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty. Since we supply our Invisihitch products to certain vehicle manufacturers, we actually augment and improve the warranty in such cases. In no case can the original warranty on your vehicle be invalidated by installing our hitch.

Is it possible for the Invisihitch to malfunction & unhook while I’m driving/towing?

No, because the Invisihitch has built-in safeguards designed specifically to prevent such an accident. Conventional hitches use a single pin to secure the entire ball mount to the hitch receiver. Thus, forgetfulness or vandalism can lead to a catastrophic accident. There are many documented cases of this occurring. As a result, Invisihitch was designed from the start to prevent this. Invisihitch has redundant locking mechanisms that ensure that the ball mount cannot disengage accidentally or be removed unintentionally. To remove the Invisihitch ball mount, the trailer lights must be unplugged, the lock must be disengaged, and you must manually turn a spring-loaded knob or hold down a spring-loaded pin for 3 seconds (depending on which model of Invisihitch you have). These safeguards are part of the product design and cannot be overridden, forgotten, or vandalized to the point of causing an unintended ball-mount disengagement.

Must my bumper be cut?

No! Invisihitch receivers are specifically designed to be concealed behind the bumper, with the opening on the receiver pointing down toward the ground instead of outward through the bumper. We despise bumper cuts! They are ugly. Our goal is to provide you with a safe, high-capacity hitch that leaves no evidence of its existence when not in use. In rare cases (only two vehicles to date!), it may not be possible to completely conceal the opening to our hitch and a visible bumper notch may have to be made. If your vehicle is one of these rare cases, we will call you, discuss your options, and send you photographs before we process your order. Of course, our hitch receiver, like any hitch receiver, must have an opening for inserting the ball mount or bike-rack mount. So we require an opening underneath the vehicle. Vehicles that have a plastic gravel pan underneath will require a small opening in the gravel pan. Similarly, bumpers that extend well under the vehicle to form, in essence, a gravel pan will require a small opening in the “gravel pan” part of the bumper. Such openings are not visible from behind the vehicle and therefore we do not consider them to be “bumper cutouts” in any usual sense of the term.

Is the Invisihitch tested for its towing capacity and approved for use in the U.S. and other countries?

Yes! Our Invisihitch tow hitches are tested & approved to the same regulations applicable to all OEM hitches and all vehicle-manufacturer hitches. [See U.S. DOT/SAE J684, and European ECE regulations]. Please note that we supply hitches to some vehicle manufacturers and automotive dealers packaged in their brand-specific boxes as approved OEM equipment. There is no safer hitch on the market.